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Residential - Ingersley Vale

Working again with our client Domis, Ingerley Crescent is a collection of 12 new build homes in the heart of Bollington, Cheshire. Recently named "The best place to live in the North-west" by the Sunday Times.

Think design that's both boldly contemporary yet beautifully in tune with the bucolic surroundings. Think a thriving and engaged local community. Think independent shopping, dining and entertainment in a town that's resisted chain-brand conformity. 

Think cosy privacy on tap. Think story-filled pubs with crackling open fires. Think babbling brooks, rolling hills and widescreen views that illicit admiring gasps.

Newman and Gray supplied and delivered a combination of design print resilient flooring and luxury synthetic planks. Working closely with the construction partners to fulfill design and delivery remits, once again all parties worked together to deliver on these beautiful modern homes.

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