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- YouNique -

"being the only existing one of its type or, more generallyunusual, or special in some way"

and that is it summed up in under 20 words.., our YouNique Wood Flooring Collection is actually your YouNique Wood Collection. Your choices started life as saplings decades ago, becomes a mature tree over time, comes to our U.K factory and then...what happens next is up to you. It is your unique tastes and choices that will lead the way in how and what we do with the precious raw materials.  

What format do you want? a Tile? a Plank? ..a shape? ...and what about colour?

how do you want your floor to represent you, your individuality, your aspirations and dreams... well if you can dream it... we can make it. 

consultations start at £250.00 per Hour



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