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Real Wood Floors

Interiors Chorley

Newman and Gray floors are designed to meet the demand of our fast growing client base. All of our products are made from the best quality raw materials and well established, advanced manufacturing from around the world.

Our customers all have varying needs and we like to consider those needs as our priority, producing portfolios for our customers from fast track systems for new build projects to bespoke and custom finishes for clients that want absolutely no compromise. 

newman & gray trend


Trend collection engineered wood floors deliver stunning optics, tangible textures and durable surfaces, ideal for any interior space in your home. offering a simple yet fashionable colour palette from clean light fresh tones to the warm,dark and exotic.

newman & gray trend
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Real Wood Flooring for Designers and Architects. Wood floors available in Plank, Chevron, Herringbone and Shapes including Versailles, Hexagon, Cube and Weave. Add texture and finish options  for the ultimate in custom wood floors.

newman & gray trend

Block Planks

Block plank is our newest collection of European wood floors to offer a fixed range of colours in the most popular combinations in plank and herringbone formats using 15mm thick floors made of oak and arranged in the most popular colour options. 

newman & gray trend

Bois de

Bois Du Francais is an exclusive range of diverse, stylish and charismatic wood floors. Currently consisting of 20 premium quality designs, The collection showcases a broad spectrum of colours, finishes and grades to appeal to all tastes. Wood is the most sustainable, beautiful and versatile natural flooring material. 

newman & gray trend
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Commercial Collection

Our commercial range is one if the single most popular full collections of flooring we offer across all of our collections 

The range is split straight down the middle between a comprehensive collection of click planks and herringbone and then a comprehensive collection of tongue and grooved planks, herringbone and chevron at prices that generate the volume success for our commercial operations. 

newman & gray trend
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Our Proyecto range is often specified for larger scale commercial projects as a result of its exceptional price range in comparison to products found with our respected competitors.

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