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Laminate Flooring

Interiors Chorley

Newman and Gray floors are designed to meet the demand of our fast growing client base. All of our products are made from the best quality raw materials and well established, advanced manufacturing from around the world.

Our customers all have varying needs and we like to consider those needs as our priority, producing portfolios for our customers from fast track systems for new build projects to bespoke and custom finishes for clients that want absolutely no compromise. 

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Elka laminate flooring is such an effective choice that it can be used in all kinds of spaces, either with or without underfloor heating. Simple and quick to install with the unique Uniclic® or the FitXpress® systems, it’s ideal for DIY projects. It looks great and is hardwearing so it will remain as pristine and beautiful as the day it was installed.

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Explore Quick-Step’s comprehensive collection of laminate, luxury vinyl and hardwood floors. Use the filters to find floors based on specific colours, wood species, dimensions or any other characteristic.

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