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Bois Du Francais is an exclusive range of diverse, stylish and charismatic wood floors. Currently consisting of 20 premium quality designs, The collection showcases a broad spectrum of colours, finishes and grades to appeal to all tastes. Wood is the most sustainable, beautiful and versatile natural flooring material. Few materials can add as much warmth and character as a real wood floor. It can soften the most minimalistic designs and accentuate the rustic character of traditional spaces. Within the Collection, you will find stunning natural oak floors in both 1-strip and 3-strip designs, some rustic and some modern.

Amongst the assortment are rich, smoked oak boards, deep in colour and tone with a natural variation from board to board. There are light and bright, pale oak floors and subtle greys too. Some boards are brushed and hand-scraped to give a wonderful texture to the surface, whilst others enjoy a smooth lacquered finish. Quality, class,diversity and character can be seen throughout this collection, and a quality of craftsmanship that resonates from every board.

If you are at one with all the rustic charm of Native French oak characterised by the Ruin Barn buildings of rural France, to the sophistication and charisma of Paris and Monaco, Bios Du Francais wood flooring collection is just for you.

Bois de Francais

  • Engineered Wood floors

  • Laminate Floors

  • Cork floors

  • Disano Hybrid eco flooring

  • Accessories

  • 30 Year Warranty

  • PEFC Certified

  • Blue Angel accreditation

  • Eco Institute Conformity 

  • Made in Germany


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