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Dimano Pro Herringbone

When you’re looking for a floor that offers style and practicality and looks this good in a herringbone then our Dimano professional herringbone SPC is the perfect fit.

Its strong core and top layer protects against stains, scratches and impact damage, while the left and right sided click system ensures a close fit which provides water resistance to spillages and those accidents you sometime encounter in home life.

Added to that, It is suited for renovations and can be installed over existing surfaces like tiles and vinyls. 

Our SPC professional herringbone floor goes great in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas prone to moisture and spills. Due to the core and surface the floor isn’t difficult to look after. Just mop it and you’re done!




The resistant surface protects against scratches and wear. We would always recommend barrier mats at the entrance to your home or building and suggest care be taken when moving heavy objects like sofas, but as soon as you’re new floor is laid.. then you are ready to party.. literally ! 


With an incorporated underlay the floor offers reduced sound when compared to the same floor with a seperated underlay and is ready to instal straight out of the pack. 

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