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- Kahrs Click 6 -

Light or dark? Wood or stone design? Our floor guide and showroom will give you the opportunity to test our wide range of vinyl floors. Choose an interior that appeals to you, filter floors by colour and design. Compare different floors with each other and try your way until you find your dream floor.


Kährs Luxury Tiles Click Breeze Collection is inspired by the subtle variations in nature painted by the wind. The collection consists of modern and beautiful colours, in an inspiring range from sandy tones transitioning into darker shades, creating both depth and calm. The look and feel of the design reflect a calm look of wood with less knots and cracks but with a variation in grain for a soft contrast.


Nature is loaded with hues and variations and that has inspired us to create the Kährs Luxury Tiles Click Nature collection. The collection’s colour scheme sweeps through nature and comes in a selection of vibrant colours. They were designed to create a lively look of wood with subtle yet obvious graining, cracks and knots.


The handcraft is a part of Kährs’ DNA and with our roots in the Nordics we created Kährs Luxury Tiles Click Nordic Classic Collection as a tribute to our heritage. In a wide range of grounded colours, the collection reflects the diverse landscape of the north with inspiration from the light dunes, long coastlines, deep forests, and high mountains found in our northern landscapes. Synchrone embossing creates a dynamic design which enhances the feeling of a rustic and lifelike structure of the floor.