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Interiors Chorley

"being the only existing one of its type or, more generallyunusual, or special in some way"

and that is it summed up in under 20 words.., our YouNique Wood Flooring Collection is actually your YouNique Wood Collection. Your choices started life as saplings decades ago, becomes a mature tree over time, comes to our U.K factory and then...what happens next is up to you. It is your unique tastes and choices that will lead the way in how and what we do with the precious raw materials.  

What format do you want? a Tile? a Plank? ..a shape? ...and what about colour? want YouNique beause you demand more from what is out us, you want something that separates you from others.

how do you want your floor to represent you, your individuality, your aspirations and dreams, your status..your wild side..... well if you can think of it..... then chances are we can most likely make it. 

consultations start at £250.00 per Hour

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Its at the tip of your finger

We are all human, what makes us the same is that we are all different. At Newman and Gray we celebrate difference and uniqueness. In fact, we encourage others to explore and share their unique views, tastes and perspectives.. it enriches our minds and soul. 

newman & gray trend

influence from around the world

how extravagant would your entrance space be with a combined stone and exotic timber panel? or a timber with metal intarsia? panels like these make a statement. They are a rare choice. what makes them even rarer? You!..and what you choose to have in them.

newman & gray trend
leaf point.png

its Black and White...

what do you give to someone that can have anything they want? The ability for them to push the boundaries of what is possible. Of course there are limitations.. but we don't set them. 

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axe chopped.jpg

yes you can.

if you want your floor Axe Chopped.. we'll axe chop it for you.. we'll even hand carve, etch, or engrave your name into it.. however silly the questions may sound.. weve heard most of them before..and for customers that demand the absolute.. we dont hold you back on what you desire

newman & gray trend
younique random.png

the last piece of the Puzzle

There are rules of convention that bind us to think and act a certain way.. and then there is what we are capable of if we remove the shackles, open our minds to what possibilities truly lay before us..and where our imagination can really, really take us... and when you reach that higher place.. you see the matrix, the puzzle where that last piece fits. 

newman & gray trend

your YOUnique 

when we work for you to provide your YOUnique floor.. it remains unseen by anyone other than those you wish to see it. Newman and Gray protect the unique status of your project entirely and will not share, market or promote it on any platform whatsoever. It is a condition set by us for our clients.

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