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Castle Irwell, Salford

With the first phases of Castle Irwell homes now fully sold out. Salboy, the developer behind Castle Irwell Homes is currently now in the 3rd and final residential construction phase.

The third phase will be located behind the former Manchester Racecourse Turnstiles building and along the edge of the River Irwell, in Salford. The proposed plot will comprise 104 houses including 2, 3 and 4-bed homes and associated landscaping. Plans originally envisaged that the site of Phase 3 could be developed as apartment blocks. As a result, the amended planning application seeks to deliver a third phase of housing and landscaping which will remain in-keeping with the earlier phases of the scheme.

Newman and Gray provided over 15,000m2 of vinyl and laminate flooring as the preferred material of choice for 95% of the custom interiors. 

It has to be known what is happening here..this is not your typical house build scheme.. each owner of each property is given the freedom to select choices of interior fitments and finishes on a sclae never offered from a house builder. Domis Construction, delivering the project are overcoming the challenges of offering custom choices on such an un precedented scale which stands out head and shoulders above any other scheme we've supplied. This project really is a development of love, offered by the owners who's Salfordian roots run into every dwelling and to the new custodians of the properties.

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