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flooring chorley


Our customers tell us that we are hands on, proactive and supportive in our approach and that comes from the 25 years we've immersed ourselves in the industry. Our knowledge and skills help our customers understand the choices they want to make when buying floors and having supplied millions of square metres of flooring over the years we believe weve developed a great understanding of what our clients want.

The company is owned and operated by Clayton Newman.  Claytons knowledge, background and experience is in importing, distribution, manufacturing and specification. Clayton worked for 2 of the largest producers of timber flooring in Germany and Sweden and for some of the UK’s most recognised names in timber distribution. With 25 years experience and knowledge in operating through all parts of the supply chain, in 2019 Clayton developed Newman & Gray, the brand name for Global Floors, the commercial arm of the company. Since 2019 the company can reference projects for recognisable names like John Lewis to large scale city centre high rise residential schemes around the country working for our amazing customers.

We work with architects, designers, construction companies, private clients, kitchen groups, retailers and contractors.

Get in touch today via our contact page to see what we can do to help you too.

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