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- Chevron -

Originating around the 1600’s as wood flooring, chevron as a design was inspired by the Romans. They made their brick roads directional creating an almost linear appearance which in later years crept into flooring design.


Installed in the 1600’s in one of the origins most recognisable buildings of that period, the Palace of Versaille, chevron today is still noted for retaining its regal appearance and brings a modern classic French period look to interiors.


Our timeless 500 x 90 x 10/4mm chevrons are available from stock and finished to order.


Other dimensions are available upon request.

Chevrons - 45 Degree Angle

10/4 x 90 x 500mm

15/4 x 90 x 500mm

20/6 x 90 x 500mm

15/4 x 120 x 600mm

20/6 x 120 x 600mm

*These sizes are only available in our tumbled finishes

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