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- Herringbone -

The traditional format wooden floor which still remains a popular design choice. Once the symbol of the school hall to mill buildings and galleries.


Newman and Gray herringbone floors are available in a greater selection of sizes and installed from homes to the high street and hotels to the workspace. Our extended range of formats allow you to co-ordinate the format to your interior. Larger herringbone formats deliver a more contemporary feel compared to smaller shorter blocks which feel more at home in a traditional setting.


We keep our herringbone blocks in raw form and then apply the specified colours and treatments chosen by you.



Other dimensions are available upon request.


Herringbone Blocks

* 15/4 x 70 x 350mm

* 20/5 x 70 x 350mm

10/4 x 90 x 500mm

15/4 x 90 x 500mm

20/6 x 90 x 500mm

15/4 x 120 x 600mm

20/6 x 120 x 600mm

Screenshot 2020-02-20 at 13.28.29.png

*These sizes are only available in our tumbled finishes.

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