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Plank Format

Newman and Gray offer you multiple options in real wood planks. Choices can be from our stockholding of popular ranges (view our collections) 

to our designer and customisable options where you can take more control in what you want to have made.


Plank floors are still the most favoured style of wood today in terms of volume supplied. Wonderfully engineered and crafted the plank format offers beauty and stability.


We simplify the starting point for you by first discussing with you what it is you are looking for and what kind of budgets you are working with. From there we can direct you to our popular core product ranges for speedy delivery. If time and budget are on your side then we can talk to you about our custom and bespoke floors.

The fundamental difference with Newman and Gray is that you only deal with one person throughout your experience. We carry fewer overheads compared to our competitors and work beyond the hours of them meaning we are reachable when you need us. 

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some of our colours and combinations

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