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- Planks -

Newman and Gray offer you the option of thickness, width and grade in your chosen finish.


Still, the most favoured style of wood today is the plank design. Wonderfully engineered and crafted the plank format offers beauty and stability. Our Engineered planks are delivered with a host of added features and colourways.


We simplify the starting point for you by illustrating the products that represent our 36 most popular and appealing colourways (from page 16). Other dimensions are available upon request.

12/3 x 180mm x Random Lengths 600-2200mm


15/4 x 140 / 180 / 220mm x Random Lengths 600-2200mm


20/6 x 140 / 180 / 220 / 260 / 300mm x Random Lengths 1400-2400mm

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