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Shaped Designs

Okay, so sometimes you want to make more of a statement... so do it with one of our impressive shaped designs. Cube, Hexagon, Mansion Weave or Continuous Versailles.


Our shapes give a unique dimension to wooden flooring. They can appear as a full floor, an inset with plank surrounds or can also be framed by textiles. Colour selection is also an option here so if you want a pixelated hexagon, a bold mansion weave or perhaps a cube in different shades of grey....Whatever your interior, know that all of our floors can be mixed and matched amongst our full range of conventional formats too, offering you the ultimate choice.


Other dimensions are available upon request.


Each of the shaped designs are available in 15/4 or 20/6mm.



200mm wide


Mansion Weave

200mm wide centre 90mm wide weave



200mm wide


Continuous Versaille

350 x 70mm and 140 x 140mm

Screenshot 2020-02-20 at 14.08.18.png
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