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- Old Barn Oak  -

A Wood floor designed to look like its lived through the ages

Old Barn oak is a small selection of wood planks that carry heavy textures, distressing and detailing like large splits, heavy wire brushing, knots and burnishing marks to give the appearance of an aged and tangibly textures timber floor. 

The planks are available in 5 shades from raw to bourbon oak and are 190mm wide. The random lengths add to the hand made and artisanal nature of these floors.  

The boards are all manufactured using multiply core layers with a 4mm hardwood surface. 

The grading is clearly rustic and aged with bevelled edge 

  • 100% real wood 

  • engineered construction

  • suitable for underfloor heating

  • simple maintenance

  • artisanal textures

  • Healthy living

  •  glue down or float over existing surface

  • up to 20 year residential warranty
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