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Siniva Collection

The Siniva collection is a collection of floors which we bring together to offer as a stock portfolio of products that represents the main core choices for many schemes and projects.

Our customers like the Siniva Collection for its choice of options and attractive price/value proposition and speed of delivery. 

All floors carry a 20 year residential warranty and can be laid as a floating floor or bonded down to the existing suitable surface. (excluding our T&G herringbone an Chevron)

all Siniva floors are suitable for enclosed underfloor heating systems.

  • 100% real wood 

  • engineered construction

  • suitable for underfloor heating

  • floors can be re-finished

  • simple maintenance

  • brushed and bevelled finishes

  • unrivalled natural look and feel.

  • Healthy living

  •  glue down or float over existing surface

  • up to 20 year residential warranty




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