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Designer Wood Collection

Working with Architects and Designers, at Newman and Gray we recognise the need for high quality, Natural materials with the added knowledge that the raw materials are ethically sourced and adhere to forestry and sustainability programmes. The products have to come together to work in all design interiors and be practical and durable to meet the specification requirements. For these reasons we produce our "Designer Wood Collection"

Stunning Wood floors made from quality raw  material, offered in many formats, finishes, colours and grades. If by chance you couldn't identify a colour that would work in your scheme from our portfolio we make custom colours just for you!

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from Forest...


to your next floor

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putting you in control

colour, design, format, finish


burning the timber creates dramatic aged features


unlimited colourbanks for you to get real personal

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framesawn, tumbled, heavily brushed, axe chopped..choose from multiple texture options

colour matching .jpg

colour matching

we are asked daily to provide matches to other products


adding metalic inserts brings together other elements of the design

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custom stair treads

we make custom stair treads 

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huge sample selection

we provide both bespoke and standard colourway samples. just ask us 


we are here waiting to speak to you

good to know

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We owe our business and livelihood to the Forests.

Without cultivating this renewable resource our business like many others would look extremely different.

At Newman and Gray we recognise our consumption of these resources should be managed and controlled and we take our responsibilities serious when it comes to trading these goods.

We operate within a certified and vetted supply chain.

We look to work with suppliers and manufacturers who are committed to developing new manufacturing methods and surface technology to further reduce the consumption of precious raw materials. This also means working with our customers to share information with them on considering  the alternative options based on usage and application.

Forest Trees

range overview in detail

plank flooring Chorley


Still, the most favoured style of wood today is the plank design. Wonderfully engineered and crafted the plank format offers beauty and stability. Our Engineered planks are delivered with a host of added features and colourways.

herringbone flooring Chorley


Herringbone floors are available in a greater selection of sizes and installed from homes to the high street and hotels to the workspace. Our extended range of formats allow you to co-ordinate the format to your interior.

chevron flooring Chorley


Chevron floors are similar to herringbone generally in their size and scale, however while herringbone floors have block ended detail, Chevron exhibits a more linear appearance with angled ends. This creates a more classic Parisian look. 

bespoke floorng Chorley

Shaped Designs

Okay, so sometimes you want to make more of a statement... so do it with one of our impressive shaped designs. Cube, Hexagon, Mansion Weave or Continuous Versailles.

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